About Us

Shaon & Company

We are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of jute products from Bangladesh.

Over the years, we have obtained recognition within the industry for our focus on a high level of customer service, quality, value, competitive pricing, and flexibility, ensuring we excel in meeting all of our customers’ needs. Our team continuously manages the best relationships with customers all over the world.

We carefully created jute bags that are advantageous to using throwaway jute bags since they are not just good for the environment. It is derived from a plant that does not require significant investment to produce. A less expensive yet still very stylish alternative to bags made of leather or plastic is jute. We are dedicated to creating attractive bags, rope, hessian, and other economical jute items that are available to everyone, everywhere.

In everything we do, we aim for perfection. We aim to satisfy customers and meet deadlines while delivering products that are free from defects. Each person must be dedicated to going above and beyond expectations in order for this policy to be implemented.